Pro-Shield Security Inc.(PSS) provides well trained guards for one or more of the following purposes:
  • Guard entrances and screen guests/employees
  • Monitor clients’ premises with video surveillance equipment
  • Protect clients’ assets, employees and guests
  • Deter crime with visual presence
  • Organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergency
  • Respond to customer and employee health emergencies and accidents
  • Eject unwanted customers or trespassers
  • Liaison with police and city emergency responses.

+++   In addition, the principals of the firm will offer the following services ⇒

  • Security audits and recommendations for method and approach to security
  • Security technology (Surveillance cameras)

PRO-SHIELD SECURITY INC.(PSS)  is a licensed, insured, and bonded business and will offer experienced security guards services AND private investigations professionals.

KEYS TO SUCCEED PROTOCOL (PSS)                                              We believe the keys to success in its industry include…
  • Listening carefully to client concerns and objectives to create customized security guard packages
  • Knowing what the client does not know (bringing deep security expertise as well as knowledge of legal regulations and liability to the table)
  • Training security guards carefully and maintaining their training and certifications
  • Pro-active and reactive monitoring via electronic tools such as GPS to keep costs low


  • There are many types of private properties that require physical patrols. Our security guards are trained in performing mobile and foot patrols.
  • Guards are trained in trespass to property act, private investigator and security guards act, and other relates laws as well as arresting procedures and self defense.
  • All of our security guards are Licensed under the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Pro-Shield Security Inc. believes in professional services as a result of experience, proper training and supervision.
  • Security Guards
  • Pro-Shield Security Inc. is undoubtedly the leader in the delivery of professional security guard services throughout Ontario.
  • We accomplish this by selecting only the highest quality of prospective guards through our extensive screening processes. We accomplish this through a series of tests, including: aptitude, security knowledge, report writing testing and job proficiency.

Once selected, each candidate must then undergo our extensive training academy programs. Depending on your specific needs our guards can be trained in any area you choose, including but not limited to the following:

Advanced Security Guard Duties

Advanced Supervisor Duties


First Aid & A E D Training

Site Specific Training

This extensive training is what sets our guards apart from the rest! It provides all PSS guards with the tools and knowledge needed to surpass your security expectations.  Hiring and proper training are integral to a reliable and professional service, but without accountability to management no company would be successful.

To ensure our services, we have numerous metrics in place to inspect our guards and their performance. We are able to monitor all of our guards 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. We achieve this through our use of Time & Attendance tracking Software; GPS guard movement tracking; frequent and unannounced site inspections. These industry leading practices support and supervise our guards in a manner that guarantees you are provided with the highest quality of security services available.

In this competitive world, we recognize that the cost of business is not to be taken lightly. We strive to be the best at what we do. Our success depends on quality results. The members of our expert security team have been trained to always conduct themselves in a manner that will add to the professional image that you must maintain.  Let us help you preserve your sense of safety while ensuring your professional image.

Types of Patrol Guards

There are many patrol types a security guard can perform. Below are some examples of types of patrols our security guards are trained to do.

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Exterior and Construction sites
  • Parking lot and Parking Garages
  • Residential Neighborhood, Foot and Mobile Patrols
  • Retail and Loss Prevention Patrols
  • Any other private property that needs to be physically patrolled
  • Mobile Patrol Services
Mobile Patrol Services consists of Security Guards patrolling your property in a Mobile Vehicle and by foot if required. Mobile guards do static patrols, scheduled patrols and first respondents.

Marked and Unmarked

Our vehicles consist of marked and unmarked vehicles. Security Guards providing mobile patrol services are highly trained and are very effective in deterring criminal activities over a large area or exterior in the marked vehicle. The unmarked vehicles are used at the clients request and mainly to catch the criminal in the act, as this is very effective at this as the security guard can sit in the vehicle and not be subjected to the criminal’s visibility. This system assists PSS in reducing parking garage and parking lots criminal activities, stopping the problem at the base and apprehending the criminals in the act.

Mobile patrol vehicles can be used in many instances such as these:

  • Large Parking Lots
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Neighborhood Patrols
  • Commercial Properties
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Mobile Parking Control
  • Retail Plaza’s / Malls
  • High Risk Parking Garages
  • Visual Deterrent (Parked or Mobile)
  • On Site Guard Assistance
  • Retail Uniformed Loss Prevention

Uniformed Loss Prevention Unit:

Our uniformed loss prevention guards are exposed to extensive training and ongoing programs. Retail environments usually require a visual deterrent, such as a uniformed security guard to patrol the store and reduce theft-related occurrences. Working with our uniformed retail guards can reduce your retail loss experience dramatically.

When a theft occurs and the suspect is arrested and a full occurrence report is filled out. We will also take a photo of the offender then ban them from your property. For major retail chains this is most beneficial because when someone is arrested for a theft related matter they can be banned not only from your location but other sites owned by your company as well.

  • Concierge / Gate House Guards
  • Uniformed Security Guards in Professional attire, trained in access control and greeting
  • Residents/Guests Guards are trained in trespass to property act, private investigator and security guards act, and other relates laws as well as arresting procedures and self defense.  
  • All of our security guards are Licensed under Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.
Pro-Shield Security Inc. believes in professional services as a result of experience, proper training and supervision.  Many high end living communities have found a need to ensure its residents safety and to provide the highest level of customer service to each resident’s unique needs. With a focus on superior customer service, confidentiality, enthusiasm, integrity and attention to detail, our clients are also receiving the additional element of security, some of the services you can expect are:
  • Control building access
  • Monitor the security system
  • Receive packages and deliveries while residents are away
  • Assist telephone & cable installers and other trades people
  • Supervise move-ins and move-outs
  • Regulate visitor parking
  • Enforce by-laws and deal with complaints
  • Respond to fire and other emergency alarms 
  • Patrol common areas, including parking and amenities
  • Write daily shift reports and incident reports to log all common area problems and other unusual occurrences

Pro-Shield Security Inc.(PSS) Employees are trained to provide superior customer service.  They also are licensed security guards, heavily trained in the protection of your resident’s safety and the securing of your building. Our employees are there to  provide you superior customer service so no request is too big or too small. We are flexible and willing to accommodate.

+++AND MUCH MORE including a warm smile and positive greeting to everyone at your location, every time!



Pro-Shield Security Inc. (PSS)   Our security company founded by an experienced compliance officer of the government of Ontario with over 15 years of Security and Investigative experience with a civilian police background. Located in the Durham Region, the business will provide licensed Security Guards and/or Private Investigators with proper equipment supplied to construction, commercial buildings, retail businesses and other clients.
Pro-Shield Security Inc. is a Licensed Agency that provides Security Guard & Private Investigator services within Ontario and can be found under the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.  As a Licensed business, we will provide bonded experienced individuals from different law and security backgrounds such as military, civilian police and government related experience that take pride in their work.We will offer experienced Security Guard & Private Investigator services to your establishment by providing highly qualified, professional individuals. We specialize in Premium Guard Services and/or Private Investigators for your establishments. Pro-Shield Security Inc. (PSS)  is privately owned and operated, non-union Licensed Agency based in the Durham Region within Ontario. Our geographical availability extends the Durham Region, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and throughout Ontario Our strategy is to get our name out there by meeting our clients face to face and providing them with the information they need up front.  This will allow for great net working in the community and to allow proper marketing to obtain referrals of service. 
Pro-Shield Security Inc. (PSS)  employees consist of experienced personnel with years of Security & Private Investigations related expertise, thus providing quality service that other companies do not put first.
We will provide qualified experience staff by going above and beyond our competitors to set us apart for our client’s added protection and value.  Our employees equip with specialized training thus giving our clients a vast spectrum of protection in our services reflect value. Supervisors communicate regularly with both employees and clients to ensure productive solutions to all our business aspects.



Coordinates: -78.6866831,43.9325041,00

Bowmanville, ON L1C 0K3

Business # (905) 697 -9565

Fax # (905) 697 -8540


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Pro-Shield Security Inc. founded in 2011 and based in Bowmanville, Ontario. Pro-Shield Security Inc. provides private investigation services to the insurance, legal, corporate communities and the public in Durham Region, the Greater Toronto Area, York Region, Barrie, The Greater Sudbury Area, Peterborough / Kawarthas and Eastern Ontario.

Insurance Claims & WSIB Investigations

Pro-Shield Security Inc. remains informed of current trends and events that influence the Private Investigation and Insurance Claims Investigation industry. Pro-Shield Security Inc. offers quality insurance claims investigations services. We pride ourselves on understanding our client’s position. Investigations are conducted to get the optimal results with the utmost discretion.

Surveillance operations are successful as a result of preparation and planning. Too often surveillance investigation assignments are received and prepared by administration and clerical staff who lack training and experience in Private Investigation.

Pro-Shield Security ensures that every investigation assignment is received, reviewed and prepared by a trained and experienced Private Investigator. Insurance Claims Investigation Services include the following services:

  • Insurance fraud investigations
  • Disability claims investigation
  • Surveillance / Activity Checks
  • Inquiries, witness locates / statements
  • Background investigations
  • Claimants, financial backgrounds, caretakers, service providers
  • Long term disability investigations

Corporate Investigations

Organizations are constantly exposed to a variety of potential risks that might result in damaging disputes. These incidents can cause substantial financial losses, reduced productivity, poor employee morale and a negative corporate or company image. Pro-Shield Security Inc. offers corporate investigations which can be utilized to minimize exposure, prevent losses, and mitigate potential damages.

We will acquire the information required by Senior Management, Directors, and/or Business owners to make informed decisions that will save organizations valuable time, resources, and money.
Corporate Investigations include the following types of investigations:

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Fraud / Embezzlement/ Theft Investigations
  • Computer Forensics / Computer Related Investigations
  • WSIB Claims Investigations
  • Short Term Disability Investigations
  • Investigation / Security Consultation
  • Compliance Investigations
  • High Risk and Evidence Collection for Dismissal
  • Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • Employee Misconduct Investigations
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures & Electronic Debugging

Public/Family/Matrimonial Investigations Pro-Shield Security Inc. Offers service to the general public such as:

  • Matrimonial / Infidelity Investigations
  • Spousal Activity Investigations

Investigations regarding spousal support or compliance with court orders:

  • Child or Teenager Activity Investigations
  • Senior Citizen or Child Care Investigations – activity checks and background checks

Process Serving

Pro-Shield Security Inc. offers Process Serving is providing legal notice to a party (defendant) requiring them to respond to a proceeding to be held before a court.  Notice is generally provided by providing the party in question with court documents such as Summonses, Statements of Claim, Plaintiff’s Claims, etc.

In process service, certain documents must be served personally, others may be served upon a individual of legal age at the intended party’s residence or place of employment.

The process services that we offer as a company include:

  • Service of Process:  We serve your Summonses, Complaints, Writs, Subpoenas, and other documents.
  • Issuing and Filing at the Court:  We will attend courthouses on your behalf to initiate new actions and/or add documents to existing files.
  • Litigation Searches:  We will attend courthouses and search court records for requested documents.


At Pro-Shield Security Inc., we acknowledge the vast experiences and abilities of each person brings into this dynamic workforce. Our goal is to develop the skills of our potential candidates through comprehensive security knowledge, job site best practices training and situational awareness. Each candidate is given the tools they need to succeed and supported through every step of the process. Our goal is your success in a new career in the field of security.


Pro-Shield Security Inc. Training Department has designed a program that goes over and above the new government standards. The course will consist of on line self study program; and an in-class lecture by a designated individual from Law Enforcement Unit. After successful completion, the student will qualify to apply to write the PSISA exam. In order to obtain a licence to operate as a Security Guard in the Province of Ontario, both the course and exam must be completed successfully.
In order to comply with the PSISA Regulation and MCSCS Course Curriculum requirements, students must hold a valid First Aid Certificate. If students do not have a valid First Aid certificate, training can be arranged through Red Cross at a discounted rate.

The online program should take approximately 35 hours to complete. This is designed as a precursor to the in-class portion, which will focus on successful field application of the basic elements learned for the other 5 hours.

Throughout the online portion, you are encouraged to communicate “virtually” with your instructor for any questions you may have. You are also encouraged to participate in online discussion forums with the other participants concerning matters of interest. Class sizes are limited; each class will begin the on-line portion at the same time. The online participants will then proceed to the in-class portion as a group.

For the online portion, your grades will be provided to the instructor following participation in each quiz. Quizzes may be attempted more than once, with results forming a portion of your overall grading. There is one quiz per section, followed by a final exam on the overall course material.

Upon successful completion of the both the online and in-class program, all students must sign a Consent and Release of Liability form. The student will then be registered with the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and will be able to write the Ministry exam. The student must register for the exam themselves; this is done through a local driver examination centre. The fee for this exam is $60.00. For further information about test delivery and how to register please visit Serco’s website.

Please note: prior to enrollment, payment for the program is required in full. Payment must be made in person via cash, certified cheque, or money order to “PRO-SHIELD SECURITY INC.” Currently, the cost for this course is $191.59 plus HST ($216.50).

Pro-Shield Security Inc.
Coordinates: -78.6866831,43.9325041,0
Bowmanville, ON L1C 0K3
Business # 905 697 9565
Fax # 905 697 8540
Please call or email for additional information on class dates/times
Since April 15, 2010, the Ontario Government has made training mandatory for security guards. To work as a security guard for any agency or private company in Ontario, you must take 40 hours of training and pass a test given by an independent testing company. Even guards with existing licenses must pass a test to have their security license renewed.
Please view the links below for forms to fill out:

Applications and Forms for Security Guards and Private Investigators
Application Form for a Security Guard or Private Investigator Licence (for new licences and renewals)


Pro-Shield Security Inc. implements high quality hiring practices and identifies only individuals who will perform beyond company and client expectations. PSS recruits Security Personnel that are interested in law enforcement as a career and who themselves typically have previous security, law enforcement, private investigation and protection experience. All applicants considered for employment with Pro-Shield Security Inc. will be thoroughly screened by the Manager and Human Resource Recruiter.

Before being considered for employment with Pro-Shield Security Inc., each candidate is required to complete an application form. A resume is also required with each application. Resumes are verified to ensure their accuracy. Each form is then reviewed by the manager and human resource recruiter prior to selecting those to be interviewed. Selected candidates are subjected to a telephone interview to assess general suitability and verbal communications skills.

Successful short listed candidates are invited for interview. After successful interviews are completed references are gathered and checked. Upon successful completion of the interview and reference checks each candidate must have a First Aid and CPR card, and a licensed security guard card from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services.
We have made very specific requirement in respect of our standards and our commitment to deliver the highest quality service to meet our clients’ security mandates.


Pro-Shield Security Inc. recognizes the need to assess all potential and existing employees for criminality. All successful candidates offered employment with Pro-Shield Security Inc. are required to complete the Pre-Employment Inquiry Release form, authorizing background and criminality checks to be conducted. New candidates are required to submit a clear criminal history form. Current employees are required to update their form annually. All records are entered into the employees file at Head Office and will be made available to our clients. The Criminal Records Check is a search of RCMP national databases for the possible existence of criminal convictions and outstanding charges.

Why work for Pro-Shield Security Inc.

At PSS, our personnel are at the reason of our success. Our core values are excellence, responsibility and quality performance to our clients we serve. With our employees, we share the desire for a safe and secure environment. The experiences of our staff are the foundations of our success and that enable us to keep growing. The cornerstone of that success relies on our effective recruiting practices.

To Apply

Please send your resume to, with attached application form, or call 905 697 9565, OR Fax # 905 697 8540.

“Our objective in the market place is to be competitive and reliable. We supply the highly committed personnel to achieve the best results in the business”



Services by actively showing a presence within any establishment to deter any criminal activity and to report to the police if need be.


Service providing excellent customer service for clients and in-depth training for our team.


Services to you and your business by highly trained individuals that will adapt to any situation.


  • To communicate effectively with clients in order to determine their specific needs.
  • Included in this effective communication is an earnest effort to listen carefully to the client in order to tailor to their specific needs
  • Return telephone calls that are made to clients within one business day and they are apprised of significant developments in their matters as they occur.
  • To keep appointments on time and treat the client’s time as being as valuable as our own
  • To work with clients in a team environment with each of us having clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • To educate clients in respect to the legalities of security investigations in order that we may execute mutually agreed upon strategies to bring matters to a successful conclusion
  • To use technology to work efficiently and keep clients fees down
  • To work only on issues that is directly pertinent to the matter and investigates issues only when they show a reasonable probability of impacting the results
  • To set realistic deadlines and to meet them. To call clients before deadlines to inform them when circumstances prevent us from meeting the deadline and to set a new deadline.


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