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Pro-Shield Security Inc. (PSS) is a Security company founded by an experienced Compliance Officer for the government of Ontario with over 15 years of Security and Investigative experience with a civilian police background.  Located in the Durham Region, the business will provide licenced Security Guards and/or Private Investigators with proper equipment supplied to construction, commercial buildings, retail businesses and other clients. 
Pro-Shield Security Inc. is a Licensed Agency that provides Security Guard & Private Investigator services within Ontario and can be found under the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services website.  As a Licensed business, we will provide bonded experienced individuals from different law and security backgrounds such as military, civilian police and government related experience that take pride in their work.  We will offer experienced Security Guard & Private Investigator services to your establishment by having highly qualified individuals.
Pro-Shield Security Inc. is privately owned and operated, non-union Licenced Agency based in the Durham Region within Ontario. We specialize in Premium Guard Services and/or Private Investigators to your establishment. Our geographically area covers the Durham Region, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and anywhere in Ontario.  Our strategy is to get our name out there by meeting our clients face to face and providing them with the information they need up front.  This will allow for great net working in the community and to allow proper marketing to obtain referrals of service.

Pro-Shield Security Inc. employees will consist of experienced personnel with years of Security & Private Investigations related expertise, thus providing quality service that other companies do not put first.  We will provide qualified experience staff by going above and beyond our competitors to set us apart for our client’s added protection and value.  Our employees will be the most trained in a variety of specialized training thus giving our clients a spectrum of protection.   Our Supervisors will communicate regularly with both employees and clients to ensure that problems are solved proactively.